About Us


Dotcom –
Quality Information Technology

Founded in 2004 in Trieste (Italy), Dotcom Srl is a software house developing IT solutions for private companies and public administrations.

Dotcom Srl creates and implements ad hoc and customized On Demand projects, and thanks to our Information Technology experts we are also known for implementing advanced B2B and B2C E-Commerce solutions and Business Process Automation services to digitalize the companies and customers engagement activities.

By combining experience and innovation, our motivated Team creatively works to provide you and your business a tailored solution responding to your company needs. We create unique digital products with a high degree of technological complexity.

Dotcom Srl is based in Trieste (Italy) and our enthusiastic Team is made of over 40 professionals constantly working to support our clients by providing them the best technological and visual performing experience, meeting their expectations and going beyond them.


Vision and Mission

We define ourselves as craftsmen of the information technology and we want to make our customers’ requests real thanks to the intelligent use of technology.

That’s why our team takes care of every detail with a tailoring atelier approach and applying our knowledge in a dynamic and evolutive way.

By paying attention to the latest technological developments (Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data), we offer technologically advanced services to our Clients, in order to gain a competitive advantage.


Dotcom’s main strengths


We have been working in this sector since 2004 and we have acquired a deep know-how, crucial to successfully support your projects.


We are able to combine the best IT frameworks to create different technological solutions, even of great complexity.


Dotcom’s team average age is 28. The team is always up to date when it comes to new concepts such as IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing.


In the last years we have been working with over 300 clients, creating more than 200 projects. Check out our Case Histories.


Methodologies in Dotcom

At Dotcom, we support the Agile methodology in project development. The goal is to increase the quality of the generated software and reduce delivery times.

In addition, the peculiarity of the AGILE methodology is the decrease in the amount of documentation produced, giving greater importance to real-time communication, in order to streamline and speed up processes.