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Why an E-Commerce for B2B?

The latest technological developments have radically changed the game rules. Companies referring to a Business To Business market have to change, create new strategies, tools and behaviors.

This change can be a great opportunity, making companies more competitive, structured and ready to face the global market.

The B2B E-Commerce, in this perspective, represents a key part to the business development.

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Benefits of the B2B E-commerce

There are several advantages for a business-to-business company to use
an e-commerce system.

24h browsing

Your Clients will have always access to your catalogues, with no time limit.

Orders automation

The IT system checks availability in the warehouse thanks to an automatic procedure, freeing you to deal with emails and phone messages. This way, you can also reduce the error margin to a minimum.

Constantly updated Electronic catalogue

Save time and money by eliminating paper formats and choosing electronic versions, with flexible and editable systems. Also add videos, stats and other technological features to involve users and encourage interaction.

Sales support

Customer order history, electronic catalogue, detailed stats, stock information … with this information, accessible anywhere, even your Team will have the necessary support to sell better

Up-selling and cross-selling tools

Increase your average order quantity by using interesting marketing tools such as promotions, discounts, related products …

Easier store management

Intuitive interfaces to access statistics and useful data for all points of sale.

Sales and contacts abroad

Broaden your scope, offering differentiated and multilingual pricing catalogues, in order to establish new relationships

Inbound marketing

The B2B e-commerce helps to intercept the demand thanks to optimized and seo-friendly contents

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